Welcome to the Warwick Symphony Orchestra,

a touring regional orchestra of volunteer musicians from all walks of life

 There is nothing better than live music! WSO brings music out into the communities of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts for your enjoyment in a number of different venues, convenient and accessible to all. Check our schedule of performances to find a concert near you. To see a copy of this season’s brochure, click here.

Many call us “the best kept secret in Rhode Island,” but after hearing us, we think you will help spread the word.

A non-profit organization, the Warwick Symphony Orchestra is comprised of more than 60 dedicated volunteer musicians who rehearse and perform as a result of their interest and love of music. The WSO provides a setting for musicians to continue their music development following formal years of schooling and as a touring symphony, brings live performances to communities who may not otherwise have access to such events.

WSO is always in a position to accept new members. If you are an amateur or student musician or a music educator who wishes to keep playing, please contact us. In particular, WSO is seeking regular members to fill positions in our string, horn, double reed, and percussion sections. All you need to do is send our Music Director an inquiry and we’d be thrilled for you to give WSO a try.

For WSO Members:
For information regarding rehearsals and details about performances, click here.  To send our Music Director information about missed rehearsals or performance conflicts, contact us at wsori.org@gmail.com.



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